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TOD End times E-Conference

One of the most confusing and controversial topics among Christians is the end times. If you will read the Bible without any pre-conceived ideas or paradigms about the end times, you will realise it speaks very clearly about these times. The devil has muddied the waters of end times revelation creating much confusion. How can we unravel this confusion and seeming mystery? Through a spirit-led, literal-historical-grammatical approach to scriptures with a prophetically empowered logic! Our desire is that every participant of our End Times e-Conference will know and understand the Word on the End Times and be prepared to triumph through it.

The birth Pangs of Matthew 24 have begun and we need to have a clear prophetic and biblical perspective of all the earth-shaking events that are happening around us. This series of E-End Times Conference will give you the map and the compass to be triumphant and to be counted worthy to stand before the Lord!

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End Times e-Conference Sessions List

1st Session (M1)

The Great Warning of Jesus

Addressing Erroneous End Times Teachings With The Bible!

Additions, Distortions and Deletions to the Bible

2nd Session (M2)

Cosmic Perspective On The

Heavenly War, Great Tribulation, Wrath of Satan, Rapture and the Wrath of God!

3rd Session (M3)

Who is The RESTRAINER and When Will He Be Taken Away?

After that… All hell breaks loose!

4th Session (M4)

The Day of the Lord

The Key to Understanding the Book of Revelation!

5th Session (M5)

The Day of the Lord

The Key to Obliterate the Pre, Mid and Post-Tribulation Rapture!

6th Session (M6)

Can We Know The Timing of The Second Coming of Jesus?

7th Session (M7)

Are You Prepared to Reject The Mark of The Beast?

When asked to take the mark what would be your decision? What is the mark of the beast or the number 666? Do not be deceived that you would escape this. We will be asked to swear allegiance to the beast by taking the mark. Technology to embed it secretly already exists. Be forewarned. Know what the Word says and be prepared to reject it and endure through the tribulation.                   

8th Session (M8)

The Power of The Mark of The Beast!

It is our responsibility to warn everyone to prepare for what is ahead. The teaching on the end times and how to endure triumphantly is critical so that God’s people will wage war against all forms of deception and overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb, by the Word of our testimony and because we do not fear for our lives unto death.

9th Session (M9)

Come Out of The Pre Tribulation Rapture! (Before it is Too Late)

Are you clear of your position on the end times? What do Noah and Lot confirm about the end times timeline? What does His Word say? LEARN how to prepare yourself to counter apostasy and reject the mark, enduring till you see the day of the Lord!

10th Session (M10)

The Kairos Shift NOW! (Part 1)

An urgent prophetic word would be released in this session! This is the KAIROS hour! Five key CHANGES are critical in this KAIROS SHIFT: CHANGE in your position, posture, perspective, possessions and planning.

11th Session (M11)

The Kairos Shift NOW! (Part 2)

Position and Possessions Shift!

This is the KAIROS hour! Five key CHANGES are critical in this KAIROS SHIFT: CHANGE in your position, posture, perspective, possessions and planning.

12th Session (M12)

The Kairos Shift NOW! (Part 3)

Planning Shift : From Uncertainty to the Unprecedented!

The 2nd coming of Jesus could happen at the earliest in about 7 years. This necessitates expediting our planning to be ready for the ‘birth pangs’ and the Great Tribulation. 

The key question is: What and where is our spiritual, physical and financial Goshen? Are you ready for what is to come? M12 – M14 will address these very important issues.

Short Video (SV1)

“Who are the elect of God?”

An important key teaching here is on God’s sovereignty and foreknowledge which makes it clear that we are indeed God’s elect.

13th Session (M13)

The Mantle and Mandate of Joseph!

The mantle of Joseph has been released in its fullness to transform the realms of the natural, spiritual and financial in the End Times. M13 addresses how you can walk in the Joseph mandate NOW!

14th Session (M14)

Unveiling the Mystery of the Seven Seals! (Part 1)

The key to understanding the end times timeline is the revelation of the mystery of the seven seals. It will confirm the timing of the rapture and the great tribulation – crucial for end times planning!

15th Session (M15)

Unveiling the Mystery of the Seven Seals! (Part 2)

Walk through how the first 6 seals will play out and then the coming of the Day of the Lord – the signs (Matt 24) and seals (Rev 6) match up. Indeed for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened (Matt 24:22). The opening of the seventh seal will see the wrath of God unleashed in the trumpets and bowls judgment that follow. Learn how we must prepare in view of the 7 seals. We can endure triumphantly through these times and we will stand before His throne to serve Him (Rev 7:14).

16th Session (M16)

Has Countdown to Armageddon Begun?

Is the recent Israel-UAE Peace Deal a step towards the affirmation of the covenant revealed in Daniel 9:27 which will lead to the countdown to Armageddon?  How does this timeline relate with the fig tree generation?

17th Session (M17)

The Mystery of the Last Trumpet!
(Part 1)

Is the last trumpet for the Rapture the 7th trumpet of the Seven Trumpets after the 7th Seal is opened? If not, when is the Rapture?

18th Session (M18)

The Mystery of the Last Trumpet!
(Part 2)

The mystery of the trumpet can be solved together with the “no man knows the day or hour” riddle that stumble so many end times teachers. Good News! – YES, you can know the season when the rapture will take place!

19th Session (M19)

The Mystery of the “TAKEN” Unveiled!

Luke 17:37 and Matt 24:28 answer the question, “Where will they be taken?” Jesus had said “the one shall be taken and the other left”.  M19 will unravel this mystery of who will be taken – BE READY for a huge paradigm shift! Brace yourself for it!

20th Session (M20)

The Mystery of the “LEFT” Remaining Unveiled!

Both Jesus and Paul were consistent when referring to those who are “alive and remain” who will be gathered in the Rapture. The use of “taken” from “paralambano” (Gk) by Jesus, and “katalambano” (Gk) by Paul also confirm that those “taken” are taken by the flood of evil! Mystery unveiled!

21th Session (M21)

The Mystery of the Rapture to Armageddon Clarified!

What ensures your rapture and return with Jesus in His army for the battle of Armageddon? The key lies in your spiritual clothing!

22th Session (M22)

How to Thrive in Daniel’s 70th Week until the Rapture!

In a 1974 letter, Corrie Ten Boom shared how the Chinese Church was misinformed, not warned and so were ill-prepared for the persecution they would face. There are false teachers teaching that Christians will escape it all. In her words “…tell the people of this world that it is possible to be strong in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are in training for the tribulation …no way to escape it.” How can we prepare to thrive in Daniel’s 70th week?

23th Session (M23)

Unveiling the Rosh Hashanah Rapture Timeline

Can we know when would be the earliest time for the Rapture to take place? How can we prepare others who might miss it? Is there still a last chance for them?

24th Session (M24)

Rapture to Armageddon – How long?

From rapture to Armageddon – Did the Bible reveal how long we will be in heaven while the wrath of God is being poured out on earth? Watch and find out!

25th Session (M25)

The Timing of Messiah’s Arrival!

This has been and still is the million dollar question of all history of humanity. When different time lines begin to converge, we will realise how close we are to that time! Are you ready?

26th Session (M26)


The first sign of the end times is war followed by more wars as nations (ethnos) and kingdoms will be in conflict leading to division, bloodshed and chaos. This will be followed by famines, pestilences and earthquakes and tsunamis creating the perfect storm of the end times. How can we prepare ourselves?

27th Session (M27)

Is the Psalms 83 war happening soon?

Jordan took back 1000 acres of farmland in November 2019 which Israel had been cultivating for the past 25 years. This was seen widely as a sign of further strained diplomatic relations. Could this possibly lead up to the Psalm 83 war?

28th Session (M28)

KAIROS Time to Occupy!

29th Session (M29)

KAIROS Time to Occupy!

Are the red and black Horses here? The white horse of deception is here. What if the second and third seals are opened now? Are you prepared?

30th Session (M30)

KAIROS Time to Occupy!

Are overcoming saints kept away during the Great Tribulation before the great get away (Rapture)? How about the lukewarm and backsliders? What would happen to them?

31st Session (M31)

What will happen to Foolish Virgins?

If the virgins in Matt 25 are believers waiting for the 2nd coming of Jesus, why did the foolish virgins miss the Rapture? Can they still be saved? Are you a wise or foolish virgin?

32nd Session (M32)

The Two Witnesses (Part 1)
Who are They?

There has been speculation throughout history as to who the two witnesses are.
Understanding the conditions of the end times will reveal who they are and why they are needed. a wise or foolish virgin?

33rd Session (M33)

The Two Witnesses (Part 2)

 The meta-narrative of restoration will help us understand who the two witnesses should be.
Acts 3:21 states clearly that Jesus can only return when all things are restored.

34th Session (M34)

The Two Witnesses (Part 3)
Elijah & Moses?

A Bible-based end times timeline is most useful in concluding who the two witnesses might be. There are powerful implications for the church in the end times!

35th Session (M35)

Apostasy comes before Rapture?
(Are you prepared for it?)

From the perspective of Jesus, Peter and Paul, We should be talking about Apostasy more than the rapture!
Why? Apostasy can disqualify you from the rapture!

36th Session (M36)

The Apostasy Virus Has Infected the Church

The infection had happened and the apostasy virus has been incubating! We will see an explosion of symptoms now!

37th Session (M37)

The Antidote for Apostasy

When We understand Kingdom Restoration and Relationship, we will not succumb to the Religion of Christianity which is powerless to save us nor prevent us from Apostasy!

38th Session (M38)

Prophetic Perspective 2021 (Part 1)

One year after Covid-19 – What is the prophetic perspective of the world?
Are we getting used to a normal and missing the WAKE-UP call of God?

39th Session (M39)

Prophetic Perspective 2021 (Part 2)

What are the expectations of sheep and requirements of shepherds in the end times?
Are the sheep LOST and are the shepherds LEADING them to pasture??

40th Session (M40)

Refining Fire on the Prophetic for End Times

To be triumphant in the end times, we must walk in the dimension of PROPHETIC JURISDICTION such that false prophecies and demonic decrees are cancelled and our TRUE PROPHETIC DESTINY is fulfilled!

41th Session (M41)

Know the Beast System!
The Root of The Beast System! (Part 1)

One of the most intriguing mysteries of the end times is the Beast System. It is the most dangerous system that is quietly and covertly deceiving and destroying many Christians. Be forewarned and be prepared!

42th Session (M42)

Know the Beast System!
The Root of The Beast System! (Part 2)

A revelation of Nimrod will change how we perceive the alien narrative which is really an occultic manifestation of end times Nephilim and fallen angels.

43th Session (M43)

Know the Beast System!
The Antichrist System!

The antichrist system is a deliberate and intentional plan of darkness to stop people from entering the Kingdom and to cause Christians to become apostates without them realizing it!

44th Session (M44)

Know the Beast System!
 Revelation of The Beasts

The revelation given to Daniel and John of the beasts demonstrates a clear plan of the enemy’s attempts to rule the world which will finally climax in the one world government of the antichrist!

45th Session (M45)

Are Gates and Portals Real?

Did we miss the full message of Jesus about the gates of hell (see Matt 16:18) at Caesarea Philippi at the base of Mount Hermon that will impact us in the end times?

46th Session (M46)

Babylon, Watchers and Nephilims

Can all the mysterious knowledge of the occult evidenced in civilizations in the continents be traced back to the portal (intradimensional conduit) opened in Babylon by Nimrod that would make men “gods”? Will this provide a Biblical paradigm to understand aliens and UFOs? The Church must understand the supernatural dimensions from the BIBLE in order to counter deception by the enemy especially in the end times.

47th Session (M47)

The Final Destiny of Babylon

Babylon has both a physical and spiritual meaning like Zion and is vitally linked to the antichrist in the end times. How are they linked?

48th Session (M48)

Ancient Portal Technology and Babylon?

Bible prophecies are pointing towards a revival of ancient portal technology and the return of Nephilim enemies in the end times based out of Babylon!

49th Session (M49)

The Coming of the Final Antichrist

The danger of believing a pre-tribulation rapture is that you will encounter the final antichrist thinking that he is the savior of the world and being deceived. Be prepared before you encounter him so that you can expose him and expunge his lies!

The final antichrist is coming and will be manifested in the next few years. Are you prepared to respond to his bizarre antics that will mesmerize the world?

50th Session (M50)

The Antichrist and the New World Order

The New World Order is simply a code word for the One World government and is being prepared right now to welcome the ultimate “peacemaker” destroyer. It is simply a camouflage for the One World government taken over by the Antichrist.

Special Briefing:
Meta-Perspective for Existential Crisis! (Part 1 – 3)

To provide a meta-perspective of current pressing issues that require a prophetic response and preparation to be positioned in order to occupy. This session will answer some key questions that have arisen, not those which can be answered by listening more closely to the teachings (M1 – M50 and other sermons).

51st Session (M51)

The Gateway to The New World Order

For freedom-loving people to give up their rights, there must be a crisis so life-threatening that they would be willing to give it up in order to stay alive. How do you create such a crisis? What must we grasp to know how to discern and respond to the ever-changing narrative that comes to our ears? government taken over by the Antichrist.

52nd Session (M52)

Antichrist and Global Shifts!

Who is the frontrunner for the Final Antichrist? Are you preparing for the Global Shifts?

53rd Session (M53)

Antichrist Frontrunner!

Is Emmanuel Macron Inserting himself in the Middle East strategically and the Peace Plan? You will be surprised!

54th Session (M54)

Antichrist – Roman, Islamic, Assyrian?

55th Session (M55)

The False Prophet 1 – 13 Insidious Traits!

The number “13” is closely associated with the false prophet frontrunner. Every Christian must be aware or risk being deceived!

56th Session (M56)

The False Prophet II – Palestine, Israel and the Nations

Can we know who it is? Look out for how the frontrunner for the false prophet view Palestine, Israel and the nations.

57th Session (M57)

The False Prophet III – The Evil Thread of Babylon

What is the connection between Babylon and the Church? How did Babylon enter the harlot church?Guard against the harlot church!

58th Session (M58)

The Coming Collapse

The global reset involves a collapse of most of what we have come to understand as a sustainable society. It is prophesied in the Bible. The question is: Can you remain and be alive? The great reset is part of the collapse. How can we prepare for it?

59th Session (M59)

 The 11 Stages of Collapse – What must you prepare?

The global reset involves a collapse of most of what we have come to understand as a sustainable society – a population collapse, global economic collapse, geopolitical collapse, cultural collapse… How should we prepare? Are you prepared?

60th Session (M60)

 The Coming Financial Lockdown

The world is about to experience one of the greatest inflationary periods in our history. Will this push huge swathes of people out of a decent life based on independence and privacy? Get ready for a FINANCIAL LOCKDOWN

61th Session (M61)

 The Coming Judgment on The Babylonian System

What is the NATURE and EXTENT of this COMING JUDGEMENT? How can we ensure that we will not be on the wrong side of the judgement?

62nd Session (M62)

 The Unprecedented Financial Era

The world has entered into an unprecedented Financial Era that will lead to collapses, bondage, control and ultimate judgement by God. Are you preparing for all these which will definitely happen?

63rd Session (M63)

The Shemitah Climax

This Shemitah (Sept 7,2021 to Sept 25, 2022) to the next shemitah (Sept 2028-Sept 2029) could be the last Shemitah on earth! Will the next Shemitah in 2028/29 be the Climax where we will be raptured in Heaven for one year?

64th Session (M64)

The Last Days’ Mindset

Many Christians are awakening to the reality and certainty of end times events but DO NOT have the MINDSET TO BE TRIUMPHANT through them. How can you develop a BREAKTHROUGH and not breakdown mindset to be Kingdom OVERCOMERS in Christ?

65th Session (M65)

End Times Role of Kingdom Disciples

To Understand Our Role in the Last Days, We must ask what is the Plan of the enemy Now! Our Response to God will also position us to Respond to the schemes of the Devil!

66th Session (M66)

The Real Focus on God’s Time Table!

Russia invading Ukraine triggered many End Times commentators to ask if Israel is next? This module will shed light on what is the real focus now in God’s time table!

67th Session (M67)

The Genesis – Revelation Joseph Template

Once you understand this unique template, you will realise why God has chosen to raise up the JOSEPHS of the *LAST DAYS*! This is a highly important topic to grasp for the last days!

68th Session (M68)

The Seven Epicentres of Shaking!

Humanity has entered and unprecedented time in history that will be marked by extraordinary shakings that will strike extreme fear in our hearts! How can we prepare for this perfect storm that is certain to come? First by knowing what it is… for to be forewarned is to be forearmed

69th Session (M69)

Stagflation or Hyperinflationary Depression

When the world moves from stagflation to hyperinflationary depression in this end times perfect storm, what must we do? What is the interpretation of Chris Reed’s revelations and how should we respond? It is a warning that we cannot afford to ignore!

70th Session (M70)

Mega-deadly Deception – TWO DEADLY statements you must NOT BELIEVE!

What are TWO STATEMENTS most commonly subscribed to by Christian believers that DO NOT PREPARE THEM for the end times and would CAUSE THEM TO FALL AWAY? Know them and why they are NOT TRUE and be able to thrive in the end times.

71st Session (M71)

Mega-deadly Deception #2
OK to take the mark? – God understands!!

Even if I take the mark of the beast, God will understand and have mercy on me because He loves me! What are our emotions and responses based on? Feelings? Or the knowledge of the TRUTH?

72nd Session (M72)

Enforcing the Mark! When?

The mark of the beast is simply a vehicle to force people to declare their allegiance-to the Antichrist or Jesus Christ. The Consequences of Our Choices are Irreversible – Do you know when this will happen?

73rd Session (M73)

The Rosh Hashanah Rapture

Why are we sure that the RAPTURE which is the next appointment God has with His true church will happen at Rosh Hashanah if Jesus said no one knows the day or the hour?

74th Session (M74)

The Blessed Hope is NOT the Pre-Tribulation Rapture

This module will show you that from the days of the early church, the blessed hope has always been the second coming of Jesus Christ and NOT the pre-tribulation rapture!

SPEAKER : Pastor Chee Kang Seng

Pastor Kang Seng is a revelational preacher from Singapore who has ministered in more than 20 nations. A graduate from the National University of Singapore, Pastor Kang Seng also holds a Master’s degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Fulfilling the Antioch call on Singapore, Kang Seng was sent by God to Thailand and has seen more than 10,000 souls added to the Kingdom with thousands miraculously healed. He is the founder of Living Streams International, which is one of the fastest growing apostolic networks in Thailand focused on church planting, evangelism and transformation. He is also the founder of Revive Asia, a platform committed to the revival of Asia, city taking and nation transformation, which saw the first Revive Asia Conference attended by 5000 from 40 nations. In 2018, a fully registered ministry organization, “Tabernacle of David Worship Centre Ltd” was entrusted to him – a prophetic sign of the mandate to gather the remnant for end times Kingdom Purpose

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