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TOD Intensive Live End times Conference

Fri 11 – Sat 12 December 2020

CCT Auditorium Bangkok, Thailand + Online 

There’s going to be a time where everything prophesied about the End Times in the Old Testament and confirmed by Jesus and the apostles in the New Testament will be fulfilled!  Will the 2020s be the Kairos Time and will we be this generation?

A comprehensive study of End Times Bible prophecy will lead to ONE conclusion – The Time is NOW! And WE are that GENERATION!

When will Jesus return? Before 1948, it was not possible because Israel had not returned to her homeland. Before 1967, it was not possible as Jerusalem was still not back with Israel.  From 1917 in the Balfour Declaration when the Promised land was freed from the Ottoman Empire to 1967 when Jerusalem was retaken by Israel to 2017 when President Donald Trump declared her as the eternal capital of Israel, it is clear – the countdown has begun!

Yet the shocking reality is that most people including Christians are oblivious to what is coming and are busy about the mundane affairs of life fulfilling what Jesus had prophesied in Matt 24 and Luke 17 (as in the days of Noah and Lot).

In God’s sovereign grace and mercy, He has sent a global prophetic awakening in 2020 so that Christians throughout the world will become watchful about what is really happening and begin to pray. Like in the days of Elijah where Baal worship was rampant and Jezebel was killing the prophets, we are living in such times and hence the promise of God to send the “Elijahs” and “Elishas” of the end times.

This 2020 End Times Intensive Conference is the answer to prophetically awaken our generation to what is happening and coming that will shake people including Christians to the core!  To be forewarned is to be forearmed!  The prophet Amos had said, before God does something, He will tell it to the prophets. Therefore we can and must know so that we can be responsible shepherds over the flock of God!

More than 4000 people from 43 nations are following and learning enthusiastically from the Tabernacle of David (TOD) End Times e-Conference sessions which began on 18 April 2020. For the first time now, it will be conducted LIVE as an Intensive Conference in Thailand. We envisage conducting such Intensive End Times Live Conferences in many nations once Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted.

These Intensive Live Conferences will expand on Modules 1-28 and include updates and summaries to bring even greater clarity and conviction to participants.

In addition, we will also have clear preparation plans in the spiritual, physical and financial arena ready to be shared during the conference.

For Thailand, there will be a special emphasis to reveal how we can be a powerful blessing in the end times for the body of Christ in this region. We believe Thailand will be a place of refuge and food supply in the end times even as the Kingdom of God is being manifested here. We must know what we have to do to see this destiny fulfilled.

Intensive Live Conference Content:

  1. The Correct Biblical Approach to End Times Teachings 
  2. Major End Times Issues that We MUST Know
  3. The Biblically Correct End Times Time Line
  4. Major Deceptive Schemes of Satan and How to Overcome Them
  5. Countering the New World Order, One World Religion and One World Financial System
  6. Preparing Thailand as an End Times Goshen
  7. Understanding the Restrainer and the Timings of God

Free Registration

Conference Schedule

11 Dec : 1pm – 9pm

12 Dec : 9am – 12:30pm

Registration for Online Attendees

Online broadcast will be available for international attendees. Please register separately.

The link for each session will be sent to those who register for this event only at the following times (Singapore time / GMT+8)

Fri 11 Dec 2020
1st & 2nd session | 14:30
3rd session | 20:00

Sat 12 Dec 2020
4th & 5th session | 10:00

SPEAKER : Pastor Chee Kang Seng

Pastor Kang Seng is a revelational preacher from Singapore who has ministered in more than 20 nations. A graduate from the National University of Singapore, Pastor Kang Seng also holds a Master’s degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Fulfilling the Antioch call on Singapore, Kang Seng was sent by God to Thailand and has seen more than 10,000 souls added to the Kingdom with thousands miraculously healed. He is the founder of Living Streams International, which is one of the fastest growing apostolic networks in Thailand focused on church planting, evangelism and transformation. He is also the founder of Revive Asia, a platform committed to the revival of Asia, city taking and nation transformation, which saw the first Revive Asia Conference attended by 5000 from 40 nations. In 2018, a fully registered ministry organization, “Tabernacle of David Worship Centre Ltd” was entrusted to him – a prophetic sign of the mandate to gather the remnant for end times Kingdom Purpose

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