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End Times Conference

“Prophetic Update!”

Resolving The Pre-Trib and Post-Trib Deadlock!

Fresh Revelation that will unravel the mystery of the End Times and Empower you to be Triumphant!

12 October, Sat 2019 | 1pm-5pm

Speaker : Ps Chee Kang Seng

Confusion over the End Times — created by a corruption of the teaching of the church in the last 200 years. What is widely accepted may not be the truth as proven by Martin Luther in the Reformation. A prophetic update is critical to clear the confusion and project the end times in high definition that we can be empowered to be triumphant in it.

Some key questions addressed:

1. Why didn’t Jesus include the signs of the Trumpets and Bowls in Matt 24?

2. What is the hidden meaning in “as in the days of Noah”?

3. What is the Time line of human history and the End Times?

4. What current events are fulfilling end times prophecy?

Relative Timing of the Great Tribulation, Pre-wrath Rapture, Day of the Lord unravelled – Expect to be pleasantly surprised!

Steven Covey’s axiom, “Begin with the End in Mind” is certainly super true where the End Times is concerned. If we do not understand God’s timeline for the End Times, it is impossible for us to live prophetically and thus we would be overwhelmed by the deep darkness that will engulf the earth (Is 60:1). 

Can we really know what is going to happen in the end times and when these things will happen? Amos 3:7-8 certainly gives us a deep assurance that God is more willing and ready to tell us than we are ready to listen. He wants all of us to be prepared for what is to come so that we will not be counted among those who are part of the great falling away (2 Thess 2:1-3). 

This is exactly why we are having this End Times Conference – to destroy the deception of the enemy and to prevent apostasy and desolation. Without prophetic revelation, we will be subjected to fake news and be destroyed (Prov 29:18). Let us not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy and be destroyed because of a lack of knowledge (Hos 4:6).

This Conference will enlighten and empower you to be gloriously triumphant in the perilous end times coming quickly upon us.  

Questions that will be addressed in this conference:

  • Will Christians go through the Great Tribulation?
  • When will the rapture take place?
  • Why is there a great falling away and how can I avoid being part of it?
  • Will Christians be subjected to the mark of the beast being forced on them?
  • How are world events linked to the End Times?

  • Will the Third Temple be built and if so, when?

  • Did God reveal the timeline of the End Times?

  • What is the abomination of desolation (Mt 24:15)?

  • How can I prepare and thrive in the End Times?

Pastor Chee Kang Seng

Pastor Kang Seng is a revelational preacher from Singapore who has ministered in more than 20 nations. A graduate from the National University of Singapore, Pastor Kang Seng also holds a Master’s degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Fulfilling the Antioch call on Singapore, Kang Seng was sent by God to Thailand and has seen more than 10,000 souls added to the Kingdom with thousands miraculously healed. He is the founder of Living Streams International, which is one of the fastest growing apostolic networks in Thailand focused on church planting, evangelism and transformation. He is also the founder of Revive Asia, a platform committed to the revival of Asia, city taking and nation transformation, which saw the first Revive Asia Conference attended by 5000 from 40 nations. In 2018, a fully registered ministry organization, “Tabernacle of David Worship Centre Ltd” was entrusted to him – a prophetic sign of the mandate to gather the remnant for end times Kingdom Purpose


Harvest Care Center Level 4 Function Room | Singapore

(Parking available at 50A Sims Drive Multi-Storey Carpark)


Admission to the conference is FREE but Registration is required.
Please register early to ensure a seat.

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